Bridging Military &
Community Service Systems

Who we are.
The Citizen Soldier Support Program (CSSP) is a congressionally authorized, federally funded grant administered through the Odum Institute for Research and Social Science at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.
What we do.
CSSP has unified its approach under a single Reserve Component Behavioral Health Initiative to addressing the psychological issues confronting our Reserve Component members and their families through a variety of methods including evidence-based, best practice training, a robust searchable provider database and other innovative solutions.
How we do it.
CSSP is working with numerous partners throughout the country and with the Department of Defense to develop effective and sustainable military/community partnerships, to build and reinforce the military and civilian capacity of behavioral health professionals, agencies, systems and resources, and to penetrate into geographically isolated, rural and underserved regions to more effectively serve our Reserve Component members and their families.
Behavior Health
CSSP seeks to improve access to services for Reserve Component members and families, especially for those with combat-related behavioral health issues.
CSSP seeks to effectively engage communities in serving the needs of Reserve Component members and their families, with a current focus in the areas of faith, legal, financial and behavioral health support.

Let's work together.

CSSP programs are guided by health services research. Leveraging its home at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the CSSP team uses analytical tools ranging from GIS mapping to statistical analysis to identify populations of reservist and veterans who are geographically remote from DoD or Veterans Affairs health systems.