Building Community Partnerships

Engaging and Connecting Communities in Support of Our Reserve Component Members and Families

The members of the National Guard and Reserve are citizens who distinguish themselves by their willingness to volunteer and serve a cause greater than themselves. Many of these National Guard and Reserve Service Members and their families live and work in communities distant from traditional military installations and support systems. As they take on the many challenges of deploying to war zones in defense of our country, they need to come home to communities that understand their experiences and that are equipped to provide the caring and support that may be needed during their reintegration into their civilian lives.

The post-deployment readjustments that each Reserve Component (RC) member and family member must make often present enormous challenges. In most cases, the most effective care and support they receive is not from the military, but from American hometowns and communities. CSSP is focusing a significant part of our work on educating communities about the potential needs of our RC members and families and collaborating with community leaders to model effective and sustainable relationships with the military to address these needs. Many communities already have in place systems and programs that can benefit our RC members and families. The challenge lies is connecting these Building Community Partnership programs with the people who can benefit from them. CSSP takes as our mission the work of filling the gaps between these programs and the members of our National Guard and Reserve and brings a disciplined approach to connecting military and community systems.