The Building Community Partnerships Approach

CSSP's approach to connecting military and community systems. Our work, whether with local elected and appointed leaders or with leaders inside military service systems, is built on three key elements:

  • A focus on improving the resiliency and readiness of RC members and families. The enhancements in programs, policies or partnerships we work to achieve are centered on this one central objective.
  • A commitment to insuring that community efforts are successful. What happens in the communities where Reserve Component members live and work matters the most in their daily lives. Our efforts with both local and national leadership must result in greater community awareness and meaningful actions in support of our RC members and families.
  • A determination to provide national and community leaders with timely and accurate information. Making tangible improvements in national, state and local policies, programs and partnerships requires accurate data about the Reserve Component members and families who live and work in these areas as well as an understanding of the gaps in current services and supports for these people. CSSP brings rigorous analytic processes to leaders at every level.
Approach Diagram